Tick Journal Club (Fall 2018)

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Tick Journal Club 12-1pm on Alternate Fridays

Location: Dr Samantha Wisely's Lab - Building 116 at 2322 Mowry Road

To join the email list for the article of the week, please email Dr. Wisely (wisely@ufl.edu). 


Dates and Presenters:

  • September 21 - Kimberly Ledger

Title: Tick-borne disease risk in a forest food web

Author: Ostfeld et al. 2018


  • October 5 - Zach Kaplan

Title: The Phenology of Ticks and the Effects of Long-Term Prescribed Burning on Tick Population Dynamics in Southwestern Georgia and Northwestern Florida

Author: Gleim at al. 2014

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  • October 19

  • November 16

  • November 30