Seasonal Internship - Harris County, TX

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Harris County Vector and Mosquito Control Division Evaluation of Aedes aegypti suppression using Wolbachia infected males

The proposed project aims to evaluate the effectiveness of Wolbachia infected males produced by MosquitoMate, Inc. as a means to reduce the Aedes aegypti population in District 4 of Harris County, Tx. Two areas have been apparently selected to serve as control and treatment, but final confirmation is pending.

At the start of the evaluation, the selected intern will help with the recruitment of households until 30 per area are found. After recruitment is completed, the intern will deploy BG-sentinel traps, charge and exchange trap batteries, and switch collection bags at each of the participant households. Depending on the selected study areas and the location of the households willing to participate, traveling time could be considerable. Mosquito collection will be conducted twice a week.

The selected intern will sort samples, identify mosquitoes, and meticulously record findings. Mosquito identification training is desirable but not necessary; training can be provided. For the duration of the project the intern will ensure all parts in the trap are in working order to achieve successful trapping.

This is a paid 11-week opportunity for $11/hr and potential monthly stipend based on relocation.

To apply for this job, send CV and completed application (attached below) to Caroline Weldon (caweldon "at" by May 20th.