PROJECT 1 | Understanding vector ecology, arbovirus infectious rates & insecticide resistance to optimize mosquito control

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The biocomplexity of Aedes vectors of Zika, Dengue, Chikungunya, and other arboviruses in the US remains understudied. We will investigate how fundamental, field-based information on the complexities of vector ecology and adaptation can be used to parameterize local and global models (Project 4) for predicting disease transmission and forecasting the longer-term potential of novel vector control tools in effecting optimized vector control in urban environments. ​

Project 1 researchers

Project 1 is led by Prof. John C. Beier, ScD (UM), Dr. Matt DeGennaro, PhD (FIU) and Prof. Jeff Bloomquist, PhD (UF/EPI/ENTO) (left to right).  Collaborators include Dr. Imelda Moise, PhD MPH (UM), Alden S. Estep (NECE/USDA-CMAVE), Dr. James J. Becnel, PhD (USDA-CMAVE), Dr. Rui-de "Rudy" Xue, PhD (Anastasia MCD) and Dr. Mark Clifton (Collier MCD).