PROJECT 3 | Ecological and acaricide-resistance models of tick vectors in the Southeast US

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Background | The geographic distribution and abundances of tick vectors, their acaricide resistance status and their associated pathogens are ever-changing. The overall aim of the project is two-fold: (i) Characterize the prevalence and distribution of selected tick-borne bacterial and viral pathogens via high-resolution spatial maps in Florida; and (ii) Understand the mechanisms and extent of acaricide resistance in two vectors of medical and veterinary importance: the brown dog tick and lone star tick.


Prof. Glass and Dr. Wisely

Project 3 is led by Prof. Greg Glass, PhD (PI, UF Medical Geography/EPI) and Dr. Samantha "Sam" Wisely, PhD (Co-PI, UF Wildlife Conservation & Ecology, WEC).  Collaborators include Cynthia Lord (UF/IFAS/FMEL), Katherine Sayler (IFAS-WEC), Emma Weeks (UF/ENTO), and Phil Kaufmann (UF/ENTO).