PROJECT 4 | Multi-scale, modular models for Vector-Borne Disease

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Background | Models of arbovirus transmission are useful in estimating the burden of Dengue, forecasting areas of risk for the emergence of Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika in non-endemic areas, and in assessing the potential of control interventions. The utility of these models relies on their grounding in empirical data at multiple scales describing the disease transmission process. The aims are to (i) model the dynamics of viruses in their invertebrate and vertebrate hosts as well as the movement of these hosts viz. transmission-risk, (ii) predict the spatial pattern of vector abundance and the probability of introduction of specific arboviruses to particular areas, and (iii) quantify the expected impact of control measures to better guide the development of end-user decision-making tools.

Project 4 Researchers

Project 4 is led by Prof. Derek Cummings, PhD (UF/Biology).  Collaborators include Prof. David L. Smith, PhD (University of Washington) and Dr. Barry Alto, PhD (UF/IFAS/FMEL).