New Tick Journal Club

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Tick Journal Club 10-11am on Alternate Thursdays

Location: Dr Samantha Wisely's Lab - Building 116 at 2322 Mowry Road

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Dates and Presenters:

  • September 14 - Zachary Kaplan 

    Title: Travelling between Two Worlds: Complement as a Gatekeeper for an Expanded Host Range of Lyme Disease Spirochetes

    Author: Peter Kraiczy

  • September 28 - Greg Glass

          Title:  Habitat and Vegetation Variables Are Not Enough When Predicting Tick Populations in the Southeastern United States

          Author: R. T. Trout Fryxell et al

  • October 12 - Carrie DeJesus

         Title: Tick-Pathogen Ensembles: Do Molecular Interactions Lead Ecological Innovation?

         Author: Cabezas-Cruz et al., 2017 [PDF]

  • October 26 - Elise Richardson

  • November 9 - Mary Leigh Merrill

  • December 7 - William Kessler