Zika Policy Report by AHF and UM


Zika policy in the Americas: Lessons learned for future vector-borne diseases

Here is an excerpt from the Forward of the report written by Jorge Saavedra, MD, MSP, MsC, Executive Director at AHF Public Health Institute at the University of Miami, and Jose Szapocznik PhD, Chair Emeritus, Department of Public Health Sciences, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, discussing the motivation behind the report.

“For these reasons, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation and the University of Miami considered it important to review the policies and actions taken to control Zika and the reactions and impact of such decisions. It is our hope that the lessons learned and the recommendations derived from them will be used to prevent and manage future outbreaks or epidemics, if and when there is a resurgence of the Zika virus, or other similar diseases transmitted by vectors. Learning about successes and errors, about science and evidence, about what is published by scientific journals but also in the gray literature, including the press, as well as talking to key stakeholders involved, sometimes collecting only anecdotes, makes policy analysis a rich source of standardized information useful for future decision makers.”