The CDC Center of Excellence in Vector Borne Diseases: Gateway Program is not limited in scope to only Aedes– and tick-transmitted pathogens.  We have an extensive layer of research expertise in all aspects of Malaria (epidemiology, medical geography, parasite cell biology, vector biology, immunology, diagnostics, as well as drug and vaccine development).

Participating Universities and Faculty:

University of Florida

  • Jeff Bloomquist
  • Anthony Cannella
  • John B Dame
  • Rhoel R. Dinglasan
  • Seokyoung Kang
  • Paul J. Linser
  • Derrick K. Mathias
  • Bernard Okech
  • Paul Psychas
  • Sadie J. Ryan

University of Central Florida

  • Debopam Chakrabarti

University of Miami

  • Arba Ager
  • John C. Beier
  • Imelda K. Moise
  • Justin Stoler

University of South Florida

  • John H. Adams
  • Rays Jiang
  • Wilbur Milhous
  • Francis Ntumngia


The March Malaria Madness M3 Seminar Series was a success!

The 2017 Speaker line-up:

March 1: Miriam Laufer (Division of Malaria Research, Institute for Global Health, University of Maryland)

March 3:  Michelle Chang  (US CDC, Director, Malaria Zero Program in Haiti), John B Dame (Chair, UF Infectious Diseases & Pathology/CVM) and Anthony Cannella (UF EPI/Geographic Medicine/COM)

March 8: Rhoel Dinglasan (UF EPI/Infectious Diseases & Pathology/CVM)

March 14: Audrey Odom (Pediatrics, Washington University, St. Louis)

March 21: Manoj Duraisingh (Immunology & Infectious Diseases, Harvard School of Public Health)

March 29: Peter Crompton (Malaria Infection Biology & Immunity, NIAID, NIH)

March 30: John H. Adams (Global Health, University of South Florida)

Thank you to all who participated in these events!