**2022 Dodd Introduction to Mosquito Control Course Fellowship – NOW OPEN!**

The FMCA Dodd Short Courses will be held both virtually and in-person in 2022! The SECVBD fellowship will support individuals interested in attending the Introduction to Mosquito Control course for no CEU credit; this fellowship is designed to support students and early career professionals with career goals related to public health entomology.

About the Dodd Virtual Introduction to Mosquito Control Course:

The Dodd Virtual Introduction to Mosquito Control will be held online from January 24th to January 28th, 2022. A general introduction to mosquito control as performed in Florida will be provided by experts in the field. A wide variety of topics will be discussed, including mosquito biology, identification, control techniques, surveillance techniques, classification of pesticides and pesticide safety. See the course agenda here.

About the 2022 Dodd Fellowship:

The CDC Southeastern Center of Excellence in Vector Borne Diseases will fully support 20 individuals to attend the FMCA Dodd Virtual Introduction to Mosquito Control course for free (non-CEU registration only). Early career individuals in mosquito/vector control or those pursuing education related to public health entomology are encouraged to apply. Participants do not need to reside in or travel to florida to attend. To apply for the fellowship, fully complete the online application form by Friday, December 17th. Applicants will be notified of their status the week of January 10th. If you experience any difficulties, please contact

Dodd Short Courses Fellowship

Provide training to government, public health, industry and academic institutions, in vector surveillance, laboratory and field procedures, vector management strategies, and prevention and communications activities

The Florida Mosquito Control Association’s educational programming offered through the Dodd Short Courses is known throughout the United States and internationally. The event occurs annually and offers a slate of 25 – 35 options of ½ day to week-long courses on vector control methods, vector biology, ecology, and identification, vector-borne disease, and more. Typical attendance is ~300 individuals from Florida, the US, as well as international participants. Attendees earn continuing educations units approved by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) or their respective state agencies (for trainees outside of Florida). Attendees have the opportunity to earn their license in Public Health Pest Control or a certification in Advanced Mosquito Control. We worked closely with FDACS in the competitive selection process including encouraging mosquito control programs with smaller budgets to apply for the SECVBD fellowship. Importantly, we worked closely with the FMCA to successfully execute the training fellowship to “lower the barrier to access” for local, state, and federal public health agency personnel. The fellowship awards $1,000 to each selected applicant in the fellowship competition to cover the costs for registration, course fees and travel/lodging as per the indicated needs of the awardee and their respective agency.

Previous Fellowship Awaredees

2020 Dodd Short Courses Fellowship Awardees

Cami Adams (FL)

Neil Cagle (NC)

Nathan K. Godbey (NC)

Paul W. Lambing (FL)

Noemi Martinez-Tull (PR)

Misty McKanna(GA)

Michael McMillian (FL)

Angela Perez (PR)

Liliana Quintana-Torres (PR)

Chelsey Reed (SC)

Jose Sanchez (PR)

Olin Towery (SC)

Lynn Wasdin (FL)

2019 Dodd Short Courses Fellowship Awardees

Van Adams (TX)

Dena Autry (FL)

Daniel Blanton (FL)

James Brock (SC)

John Bruton (SC)

Savannah Duke (AL)

Tamara Hamilton (FL)

Steve Keith (FL)

Tom Moran (FL)

Matt Newberg (FL)

Aubrey Paolino (TX)

Olin Towery (SC)

2018 Dodd Short Courses Fellowship Awardees

Peter Joseph Brabant III (FL)

Vincenzo Cavalari (FL)

Austin Horton (FL)

Steve Keith (FL)

Carlye Mangum (FL)

Michael McMillian (FL)

Thomas Moran (FL)

Chelsea Proia (FL)

Whitley Stewart (FL)

Kristin Suros (NC)

Aubrie Welch (NC)

Cheryl White (FL)

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