Tick University 2022

This is a hands-on, 3-day training developed for students, public health officials, and vector control professionals looking for a practical introduction to ticks and tickborne pathogen surveillance. The training will provide information on tick identification, ecology, and associated pathogens, as well as field and laboratory practicums.

About the Tick University: The Tick University is a collaboration between the Tennessee Department of Health and the CDC Southeastern Center of Excellence in Vector Borne Diseases (SECVBD)’s Southeast Tickborne Emergent Pathogen Surveillance (STEPS) program, held at the Tennessee Department of Health Laboratory Services in Nashville, TN. Dr. Abelardo Moncayo hosts and coordinates the training.

We are excited to provide this training for individuals who have career trajectories aligned with public health entomology and have an interest in tick and tickborne pathogen surveillance. Topics to be covered will include practical overviews of tick biology, tick identification, tickborne diseases, and nationally-relevant current topics, as well as hands-on training in field collection methods, tick identification practice, and laboratory processing demonstrations. The SECVBD is providing a competitive fellowship to attend the training, which will offset the costs of lodging and/or travel. Selected individuals will receive reimbursements of approved accommodation or travel fees, up to $500 per person. There is a capacity limit for the training; all interested individuals should apply to attend by Friday, March 25th (same link as fellowship):

About the Tick University Fellowship: A fellowship provided by the SECVBD is available to offset approved costs (travel and lodging), up to $500/person. This fellowship is competitive; interested individuals should complete an application by Friday, March 25th for consideration. Complete the application here:

If you have any questions, please contact SECVBD Center Program Coordinator, Kaci McCoy, at